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Your radiant, healthy smile doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of your efforts to care for your teeth and gums daily with good brushing and flossing habits, along with regular dental checkups. But even with a meticulous maintenance program, you can still get cavities in your pearly whites from bacterial plaque. Thankfully, dental fillings can restore your tooth and keep it healthy and functioning for years to come, giving you something to smile about! Our HP dental team offers composite fillings and amalgam fillings.

Why a Dental Filling May Require Replacement

— An older filling may fall out because of age, or if the tooth has decayed or fractured. A new filling may fall out from biting and chewing trauma, or if the cavity wasn’t thoroughly cleaned out and prepared before filling.

–The seal between the tooth enamel and the dental filling may weaken, allowing bacterial debris to leak under the filling. This may cause further decay, and even infection of the tooth pulp which can result in an abscessed tooth.

— Pressure on the filling, whether from chewing or bruxism (the grinding and clenching of your teeth) can cause a filling to chip, crack, or wear away. If it is painless, you may not be aware it is even happening and delaying treatment. This is exactly why periodic dental checkups are so vital, because problems can be detected in the early stages.

— A large filling may not be able to be restored again, depending on the size of the decayed area and whether enough of the tooth remains to support a new filling. If it is not, you may need a to have a crown done instead.

Dental Filling Restoration

If you have a cavity which requires a dental filling, your dentist will first remove all decay, preparing the way for the cavity area to be cleaned. After the cavity area is cleaned, it is ready for the filling material. This can range from porcelain or composite resin, to silver amalgam or cast gold. After the filling restoration is complete, your tooth will function the same as it did before. Your filling should last five to fifteen years, depending on the composition and your good oral care.

If you need a dental restoration, our skilled dentists, Dr. Charles Hanby and Dr. James Parham, are here to help you. To schedule your next dental visit, you can reach our J. PARHAM DENTISTRY team in Springdale, Arkansas at 479-756-8631 today.