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Do you know what dental erosion is? Dental erosion is a process caused by the breakdown of your tooth enamel due. This process is typically caused by harmful acids that are introduced to your mouth mostly from eating and drinking various substances. This includes citrus fruits and sugary sweets. The first step to stopping dental erosion is preventing it from manifesting in the first place.

The first thing you should always do is set a clear and precise diet for yourself. Not only can this vastly improve your oral health, but it can do wonders for your overall health too. Finding and eliminating potentially hazardous products from your daily meal plans is crucial in finding oral health success. In the case of dental erosion, it is important to eliminate highly acidic or sugary foods.

If you do find yourself struggling to remove harmful acids from your diet, then the next step is protection measures. This includes brushing, flossing, and other supplemental cleaning tools and methods you can use to keep your teeth clean. However, brushing your teeth after meals can actually cause more damage to your teeth, especially if they have been exposed to harmful acids. Instead, try mouthwash or chewing sugarless gum during this time to keep your mouth free from acids and plaque buildup.

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