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If you wish to improve your oral health, it’s important to always have a safety plan in place to combat any issues that may arise. Oftentimes, individuals may suffer severe dental damage when they are sick. If you find that you’re about to have a cold or you are always susceptible during flu season, have a well thought out plan in place to make sure your teeth are still not neglected. This is important because you may find yourself at an increased risk for numerous forms of dental damage and dental erosion.

When you have the flu, you may find yourself suffering from dry mouth. Dry mouth arises when not enough saliva is present in your mouth. This can be caused by numerous risks including a lack of hydration or even medications you’re taking. Be alert to any medications you’re taking that reduce saliva production as a side effect. Saliva is beneficial to your smile because it’ll help rinse away food debris, neutralize harmful acids and has even been shown in many situations to fight bacteria in your mouth to help keep your smile safe. This can be especially beneficial when you are sick.

If you find yourself throwing up at any point in time, you will need to clean out your mouth. Cleaning your mouth out is important because when you do throw up, acids from your stomach have traveled up into your mouth. If left untreated, these acids can cause tooth decay and dental erosion. However, brushing your teeth after throwing up can cause further damage due to dental abrasion. Instead, try using alternative cleaning items such as a mouthwash or chewing gum to help produce additional saliva.

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